What we do

The ODHE aims to contribute to Catalan civil society become more aware of how companies contribute to Human Rights violations of the population of North Africa and the Middle East, through 3 axes:


  • Education: to achieve a civil society which is critical of human rights violations
  • Communication: actions oriented to generate a state of favourable opinion that allows transparency and control criteria of commercial relations
  • Advocacy: to transform the conditions which perpetuate human rights violations. Carry out actions which influence institutions to become guarantors of control and transparency in Human Rights issues.  We also value good practices from companies, when these occur.

The ODHE publishes reports and policy papers on Catalan companies including a list of the good and bad practices regarding human rights. The objective is to promote the implementation of institutional mechanisms that guarantee policies of external trade in Catalonia which are transparent and respectful with the Human Rights of the population around the world, and specifically in Middle East and North Africa.