Magal S3 España S.L.

Magal S3 España, S.L. is the Iberian subsidiary of the Israeli company Magal S3 Security Systems Ltd, a world leader in security and cybersecurity solutions for complex environments and critical infrastructures such as borders, prisons, ports, airports, and military and government facilities, among others. Its main services are perimeter security, closed circuit television and FORTIS command and control systems. The technological development of Magal has been possible thanks to the experience accumulated over more than 50 years in contributing to the occupation and apartheid policies of the government of Israel, affecting the population of Palestine. In 2002, Magal won 80% of tenders to provide a security system for intrusion detection along more than 125 km of the Separation Wall. Magal has also become the leading provider of smart fencing with perimeter security systems, systems that are also installed in at least ten illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory1. This report finds that Magal S3 is a key and necessary enterprise for the Israeli occupation and apartheid system and therefore their business activities are illicit and violate international law. Contracting Magal S3 security services and products reveals a serious lack of responsibility of Spanish and Catalan public authorities in not contributing to observance of international law by Israel and other agents that act with Israeli consent or support. This connivance could constitute a violation of the 2014 EU directives on public procurement, recently incorporated into internal law through Catalan Legislative Decree 3/2016 on urgent measures regarding public procurement; and it undermines coherence between policies on Cooperation for Development and promotion of peace in Catalonia.