Codi ètic de la recerca

Based on the principle that economy must be fair, social and solidary, and that it must serve to promote the emancipation of peoples and territories;

Based on the rejection of business and the economy based on gains for profit, in infinite and unlimited growth, in increasing inequalities and irresponsible exploitation of the planet and its resources;

Based on the finding that the prevailing economic model currently contributes decisively to the perpetuation of armed conflicts, militarism and the culture of violence;


Recalling that the General Assembly of the United Nations subscribes to the principles they recognise:

  • The obligation of States to protect against abuses of human rights by third parties, including businesses.
  • Corporate responsibility to respect human rights
  • And the need for more effective access to remedies

(Human Rights Council in 2008 (A / HRC / 8/5) and 2009 (A / HRC / 11/13))

The present Observatory has an Ethical Code of Conduct that should guide all its actions, both internally and externally.


The aims of the Observatory

The Observatory was created with the aim to “Contribute to the awareness of the citizens of Barcelona of the violation of Human Rights in conflicting countries in general and in particular Palestine and affect the Catalan institutions to regulate the business fabric in respect and Compliance with the current legality in the field of Human Rights. “This is why its aims are:1. To Promote transparency and citizen knowledge about the behavior of economic agents and their business, productive, commercial and financial actions in relation to our local and international context.2. To provide rigorous and factual information to citizens so that they can exercise their rights in an informed manner.3. To contribute to a knowledge that allows the development of “foreign trade policies in Catalonia that are transparent and respectful with the Human Rights of the population of (countries in conflict) and especially in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”4.To contribute to the effective application of existing regulations in the Catalan, state, community and international context for the legal and ethical responsibility of transnational corporations or others and against their involvement and complicity in human rights violations and international humanitarian law.5. Contribute to the development of mechanisms for the control of business economic relations in order to prevent those that contribute to violations of human rights and international humanitarian law or to their justification and legitimation.6. Investigate and reflect on the relationship between companies and the violation of human rights as well as international humanitarian law, with special emphasis on the impact on gender unequal relationships7. Investigate the consequences of business action in the oppression and repression of peoples and in the maintenance or promotion of armed conflicts.

Research ethics

We conceive research as an emancipatory tool for people,  for their freedom and social justice.We are opposed to prejudices and discrimination based on gender, sex, beliefs, nationality, ethnic origin, culture, language, age, sexual preference, ideas, family or socio-economic status, functional diversity or any other reason.We promote research that does not have direct consequences to the environment and natural balance.We promote a research that is consistent both in its internal and organisational coordination and in the work to be carried out in relation to these principles.We develop lines of research based on and promote the principles of peace, democracy, freedom of populations and anti-militarism.Scientific and research efforts will never have as an objective the development of knowledge that can be applied to oppression, militarism and the promotion of armed conflicts.

Organisation of the Observatory

The Observatory will always seek to establish non-discriminative interpersonal relationships and promote gender equity in diversity.For this reason, the Observatory will promote the participation of women in all areas (organisational, research, decision making, etc.). In addition, the Observatory gives and assumes as a minimum reference the Protocol for the prevention, detection, action and resolution of situations of sexual harassment, due to sex, sexual orientation and / or of sexual identity in the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Areas of research

The Observatory’s research aims to elucidate and make public in a rigorous way:·        The role of companies or institutions in the financing or direct investment or through subsidiaries, joint ventures or other forms of business partnership of the development of military technology or of security and control of people, especially in contexts of armed conflict, of flagrant violations of human rights and of systematic discrimination of some populations over others. This includes raising public funds.·        the role of companies or institutions in the production or marketing of products or services from other companies that contribute to the perpetuation and accentuation of armed conflicts, repression or systematic and flagrant violations of human rights.

Working methodology

Scientific and research efforts will use credible sources of information, which will be tested and verified with as many sources as possible.Information sources will be mentioned and duly referred to provided that the same ones have not expressed the need for confidentiality, which in that case will be respected.The information and the data obtained for the research will be rigorously systematised. The research activities and their results will be evaluated by the Advisory Committe of the Observatory, which will be based on scientific and expert criteria to evaluate and advise the research work. Research activities will always seek to specify how human rights violations affect vulnerable groups, paying special attention to women, given that armed conflicts are always the most affected people and where most of the violence is committed.

The results of the researches

The researchers purchase the commitment to make public and share freely all the results obtained of their researches.

The results of the researches will be disseminated and published only in the case that they are fruit of a rigorous and contrasted research.
The results of the researches will be published in the frame of the licences of CreativeCommons as the philosophy of democratisation and universalisation of learning and knowledge.

The results of the researches and the scientific activity and researcher will frame in a spirit of promotion of the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the work for peace and nonviolence.

The consequences of the research do not have to cause damages to the security of the present and future generations but contribute to their emancipation.